Beautiful Music from Ugly Smile

Updated: May 24

The band Ugly Smile may be relatively new as a group, but music has had a hold on their hearts for a long time. This band consists of 3 men who ironically have great smiles: Chris who is a monster on the drums, Eric, AKA Peters, who crushes the vocals and plays rhythm guitar, and Alex who is the talented bassist! Though Chris and Eric have known each other since high school, Alex fits right in and they mesh like they've known each other longer than the pandemic. They all share a passion for music and strive to stay true to themselves while creating for others.

Q: How Did You Form The Band?

"Eric, AKA Peters, and I were in a group together in 2020 when the pandemic had just started but that group fizzled out. We weren't done making music yet so we went on Craigslist and found Alex."

Q: How often Is Practice?

"A couple times a week. We're in the studio a lot. It just depends on our work schedules. We're usually in the writing phase or the execution phase."

Q: Was There Ever A Point Where You Thought Music Wasn't What You Wanted To Pursue Further?

"For sure. We definitely had a long break in there. We didn't play together at the start of college because we went to different schools. We immersed ourselves into the college life but we eventually started to get that itch again."

Q: Where Do You Imagine People Listening To Your Music?

"We don't really imagine people listening to our music. I don't know why people listen to our music. It's weird to think people listen to us. We've recently had some Spotify success. It's just weird imagining people listening to us."

Q: What Is Your Why?

"It's mainly that connection live. When you get that energy back, there's nothing like it. That and my love for music."

Ugly Smile embraces their working relationship as a team and they embrace the occasional headbutting with each other. They create for the love of music but always with intention. Some songs may feel upbeat with a sad message and vice versa and no matter the track, you can bet they put their all into each one. More often than not you can find Ugly Smile at Pink Bus Productions putting that musical work in. Be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel, follow them on all social media platforms and be sure to follow them on Spotify to watch their journey and growth. We know these guys are going to be a household name in the near future!

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