Basket of Raps with Alan Ward

Alan Ward is a Hiphop, Rap, Lofi Artist currently based in Maryland, Baltimore. He started making music when he was around 14 but took a break in order to focus on school and sports. Once he finished school he decided it was time for him to give his extra time outside of working to making music.

As an artist, Alan leans more toward the concious rap style of hiphop. He tells us that he doesn't want to put up a front and rap about something that he has no idea about or he hasn't directly been involved in.

I would rather take an L every day as long as that means I have a guaranteed chance to fight for a W the next day.

-Alan Ward

What is your marketing strategy

"It's really a big experiment really. Trial and error. Do a lot of google searching and Twitter searching. Twitter has been a good place for me to find fans and network with other artists etc. I also do email marketing and reach out to producers, radio personalities, etc. I'm not a big social media fan but I know that's what it takes to make it in this industry. "

How important is it for you to get honest feedback?

"Extremely important, I am sensitive and dramatic in my own way but I would much rather someone tell me the truth right away then lie to my face and I find out about it later. Give me the honest feedback, if I'm sad about it, that's my fault. "

What is your main message?

"Embrace the loser side of yourself. You can't have wins all of the time. Winning all the time is not reality. Losing is part of life but fight every day for another W. Dont be afraid to rap about the bad times. Embrace both sides of life. "

How do you stay motivated?

"Self motivation and self reflection. Writing, Watching tv, any small activity that helps me calm down and not overthink the situation."

The talent and mindset of Alan Ward can not be expressed through our blog or even throughout the full interview, but please do check out our podcast or full video below and check out his music! Comment below what stood out to you!

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