Band$ & Roll$-G.M.F.H (Song Review #11)

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Band$ & Roll$ came through with one purpose and that was to get anyone listening out of their seat and put a smile on their face with their "Memphish - ish" sound. They wanted to give a memorable yet easy flowing track that anyone listening will have stuck in their head for days to come. Again and again this tag team is consistently dropping the perfect party songs that can change anyone's day from sad to hype.

The concept is straight forward and easily understood by anyone who listens. One part of the duo, Band$ describes this song as something that is not to be judged by lyrical content but at face value in order to have fun, get a bit destructive and feel good!

I want the listener to feel joy, happiness, a lil destructive, but overall good. I want them to enjoy the music. Take it at face value. Enjoy the direct tone and turnt up value of a song like this. Like you could judge for not using an extended vocabulary but that’s not the point of the song. Relax and enjoy

Get $, f*ck h*es. If you're trying to get lit with the crew then this is the song you need to blast through the speakers to get the function jumping.

We hope to get as much community interaction as possible so the artist will better understand where he is at and what he can improve on. Before checking our scores below, check out their track and rate each of these categories on a scale of 1 - 10 based on them being a level 6 / 10 artist.

  • Beat Selection - What do you think about the beat in regards to the song. Does the beat compliment the song or take away from it completely? Is the beat too complex or is it too simple?

  • Production Value - What do you think about the overall product of the song? Do you think the mix can be better or the volumes leveled a bit more? Are the vocals much louder then the beat or vice versa?

  • Replay Value - Would you personally replay this song? How often and in what situations?

  • Lyrics - What do you think about the lyrics? Are they profound or super simple? Are they simple but catchy or complex but boring?

  • Cadence / Delivery - How is the performance of the song? Does it keep you interested with flow switches and fluctuation in tone or is it stagnat and boring?

  • Cover Art - What do you think about the cover art? Do you think much work was put into it ? Is it eye catching?

The leadership team of Ascendance Music Group along with our guest judge rate each artist based on the level they claim to be in their submission. Band$ & Roll$ received an overall score of an 7.



Raven Nicole



Beat Selection




​8 / 10

​Production Value




6 / 10

Replay Value




​5/ 10





5 / 10