A Tale About TheCharm

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

We had the opportunity to chat with and get to know Paris, TX rapper and storyteller, TheCharm. This anime loving, MMA fighting, sword wielding artist is anything but boring. He recently dropped an album August 6 title "To Be A Kid Again" with the track "Way, Way Back" gaining the most attention with over 2900 streams on Spotify. This positive thinking, conscious rapper has a Dirty South influence and has no plans of letting his foot off the gas.

"A sword never runs out of bullets."

What's The Ninja Sword In Your Pictures All About?

"I actually taught myself how to sword fight a little bit. I'd consider myself an amateur. I'm actually a trained boxer and MMA fighter. I also watch anime so you know that's my whole ego and aura. I feel like I'm one of them, like Trunks or somebody."

What Anime Inspired You To Do Sword Fighting?

"Meliodas and his sword is broken. It gives you the attitude that it's not about the sword, it's about the person wielding it. You know his character is supposed to represent pride, and that's something I have ruling my life sometimes in good or bad. It puts me in balancing situations."

What Inspired You To Be An Artist?

"I hate to make a shift of the energy to something serious but I've been doing music since I was about 8, me and my brother. He actually produced the beat for my song "Go" from my album. He's real, real tough. It started out like that but I never took it serious. It was always something I did for passion. I love just to release. Then last year i got someone pregnant and she ended up aborting the baby. So I've been carrying around that anger and that fire from that. She told me, "Don't drag me on social media, put it into your music." It gave me that fire again and now I use music to tell the story."

Where Did You Get Your Artist Name From?

"You gon get me in trouble. I got the name in college. I met my friends in the second semester of freshman year and we were getting ready for a field party. My friends introduced me to a group of girls and one of them immediately started flirting with me so I flirted back. Freshman had strict curfew so that meant no guests after 2am. Well at 1:30am we got back to our dorm and the girl said she wished she could stay over so we could do something, something and I responded in front of everyone with, "Curfew don't start til 2." It had everyone shook that I said that to her in front of everyone and my boy Johnny said "that was charming. I knew you were a charmer so we're going to call you Charm." They coined the name then."

TheCharm's music is based off of his life experiences; the good, the bad and the ugly. He shamelessly puts his story out there in hopes that others will feel it and relate to it. He's working on another album but this one is based more on the maturity whereas To Be A Kid Again was just that. Be sure to find him on all streaming platforms to keep up with journey of his story. Check out the full interview below and please do check out his music, It'll get you in a hype vibe for sure!

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