A Day in the Life of a ROQSTAAR

We recently caught up with the amazingly talented Punk/Alternative artist Roqstaar who is a skateboarding, music loving, try it at least once free spirit. In his short time here on Earth he realizes he's been through enough in life to know he can shape his own future and have endless possibilities for growth in success. While his focus is to uplift his career and achieve his own goals, he also intends to do the same with those surrounding him. Though his life is all about trials and tribulations in finding his strengths and elevating his area of opportunities, he's leaving nothing on the table and intends to live life to the fullest while also being unapologetic about who is.

"I'm part of everything because everything makes up me."

Can You Tell Us About Your Single "Hear Me Calling?"

"My songs are literally experiences I'm going through or went through. This one specifically was about being in a toxic relationship. You try to confide in your partner about it but they don't hear you. You can tell them everything but they don't hear what you're talking about. That's why even in the song I say I should've gone with the runner up."

A Lot Of People Go Through A Lot Of Pain But They're Numb To It Because Their Insides Are Screaming Too

"And the thing about it is that is completely understandable. Like in real world situations that's actually true. People do actually go through their own stuff and that's fine, but sometimes people don't understand that if you're going through stuff, I promise you there's somebody that's going through the exact same thing if not worse. Why not try to connect with somebody instead of going through it alone? Someone's really out here sharing your pain that really understands you but you won't even try to understand them."

Who Would You Say Your Influences Are?

"I ain't gonna lie, it's like a lot of number ones. Off the bat I can say Lenny Kravitz. Jimmy Hendrix. I love all my rock bands from Trapt to Bush. Even my most recent person I give high praise to is Yungblud. He's one of my high praise people for the simple fact that he is who is and he makes sure the world knows it."

The Fact That You Have People To Look Up To Who Don't Care About What Others Think Is Powerful:

"That's what I try to get others to understand. That is the real power. To understand that you are bound by no man. No man bounds you. You are free. Even society tries to get us away from that. They don't want us to know we're free, that we can become anything. Society wants to put us in a box."

Truth be told some of Roqstaar's music is based off his life experiences; the good, the bad and the ugly. Whether he's crushing the mic in studio or rocking the stage, he gives his all with every performance and does it his way. With some tracks already on all streaming platforms and more to come, Roqstaar is a force to be reckoned with and is certainly a star we anticipate to be a household name internationally in the near future. Check out the full interview below and please do check out his music, It'll get you in a hype vibe for sure!

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