A Connected Mindset With Envy Elvy

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

25 year old Envy Elvy from Johannesburg, South Africa, is an Independent Artist and Producer who is ready to claim his spot in the industry. Although Envy was raised by both of his parents in a musical background, he really didn't begin his musical journey until six to seven years ago. He began by messing around with friends and eventually grew into a passion for making music. Because of this, he started finding ways to advance in his knowledge of music. He learned Music Theory to help him with the structure and overall sound of his beats as a producer and developed a team around him who offers advice and valuable insight that has not only helped him become the artist he is today but will help him become the artist he has envisoned becoming.

"My career on Godspeed, I see no reason for pumping the brakes"

- Envy Elvy

What Advice Would You Give To Artists?

"Learn about the music buisness, but when you get into the studio forget about the music business and focus on being creative with no limits. Reading books as well, they will help you level up your creativity and help you expand your vocabulary. "

What Is Your End Goal?

"When I make music I envision myself in the shoes of the listener, always looking to say something inpirational to be relatable and reach people who can relate to my story. My end goal is to see myself in front of a crowd having one mindset that is centered on my music and fans chanting my name. I dream of my music shifting mindsets and A large amount of people that say I am with you , and wherever you are going you are captain of the ship"

What keeps you motivated?

"The ups and downs, the struggle, and what is happening around me. My family and close friends and all the things that go on in our lives. Living in the pain and trying to heal from that. "

What's been your marketing strategy?

"Other then using social medias such as Tiktok and Pinterest, I've began treating Spotify as a form of social media, making sure to upload enough music consistently to spike the algorithm which will put my music in front of more listeners. I am taking no more hiatuses, and plan to release songs monthly. The idea behind this is, If Im not bring numbers to spotify for fans listen to my songs then we won't have a good working relationship. "

Envy Elvy, has a personality of gratitude and a willingness to learn. He understands that his journey is powerful but far from over and he is loving every step of the process. Envy is currently in the process of making a Documentary, Shooting his first music video to his song Option, planning two more music videos, and working on an EP, that we at the Ascendance family are excited to check out.

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