A Bellissimo Interview with Hunter Gotcher

R&B/Pop Artist Hunter Gotcher 25, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, has been singing and making music since a very young age. When he was younger, his mother noticed that he was able to follow and match melodies really easily. From there he started matching melodies and pitches with his grandmother on the piano and it translated to more instruments. By the age of ten he had already taught himself how to play multiple instruments.

If i'm talking about me, i'm talking about you because we are all interconnected.

Who is your ideal fan?

"I think my ideal fan is somebody that recieves a message that they resonate with. It's not really complex, it's jut something that if you listen to it and enjoy it on a regular basis then that makes me happy. I've got a song coming out in October that's about Bipolar Disorder and how I deal with that diagnoses and things like that. Songs that have messages in them, if that message reaches out to you and touches your heart some way, that's what's really important to me first and foremost. "

How does Lithium or lack of it effect your music?

"I hate it, but it works for what I need. If i'm being real if im manic songs just come out like boom boom boom. I write em fast but then you start to like it, you like being in that state but it's dangerous. The meds zone me out and just leave me with no emotion sometimes. There was a point where I was like, maybe if I stop taking my medicine I can put out a banger. Canabis though helps as a counter to the Lithium."

Which of your songs are you most proud of?

"I think it's the most recent one I just did Bellisima Italiana, for a few reasons. One is because its about my girlfriend of four years. We actually just bought a house together in the process of moving so it's a big deal. I think also because its a swing in a new direction because I used to be in a duo called Ceasar where we had a pretty good following, but after we split up I kind of started from ground zero as a solo artist out of my own name. This is the direction I am going and it is kind of showing everyone whats to come."

What did you gain from being in a duo?

"I think being in that duo helped me out alot. In and of itself because of everything we accomplished I got to learn alot. We went to Nashville and recorded in Dark Horse studios it was huge! We got to work with alot of great prouducers, sync art people, and people that work in the music industry that told us some things we haven't heard before. That's what I'm trying to attribute to my music today. The only thing is even with the tips and tricks, once I get used to it, it changes."

What is your life motto?

"Do it for the right reasons. You can get lost in trying to get followers and get people to look at you all the time. You're hurting yourself because you are letting something external hurt you. I put out the music because I like it, and I like to share it with people. If it takes off great, but if it doesn't then i'm okay with that because im going to keep doing it."

We have listed some key points but there is so much more to Hunter and his story. After being discovered using #thenextidol on instagram, Hunter was invited to audition for American Idol and got a yes from each of the celebrity judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan! Hear more about his story on this as well as some more in depth conversation by checking out the full interview below or on our podcast! Be sure to check out his latest release and his social platforms!

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